Andrea's Priorities

Housing Accessibility
“Affordable and workforce housing has always been critical, especially here in Prince William County.”
That’s why I’m proud to have worked so hard on the Comprehensive Plan to make workforce and affordable housing a priority, collaborating with my colleagues on the Board to set clear goals for building affordable and workforce housing. When we started the Comprehensive Plan update, affordable housing was mentioned 16 times, and afterward, it was mentioned over 160 times. Now that we have the right policies in place, we can get to work getting this much needed housing built. I support policies to:
  • Create a housing authority in Prince William County.
  • Establish affordable and workforce housing as a priority industry.
  • Create a fund to help build affordable and workforce housing.
I will never stop fighting to make sure that Prince William County is a place where all of us can work, live, and play.
Public Safety
“As gun violence continues to occur across the country, our county must be vigilant and ready to ensure the safety of our residents.”
In order for Prince William County to increase our public safety and reduce gun violence, we need a holistic approach. Part of that approach needs to be investing in our children so they are put on a path for success from the very beginning, that’s why I secured $1.5 million for the Boys and Girls Club, which works with our youth to ensure that they are successful in all areas of their lives. We also need to be working on all levels and jurisdictions to address public safety, which is why I established a working relationship with Mayor Wood of the Town of Dumfries to find ways to support each other's efforts to make our communities safer. I support policies to:
  • Provide proper funding and unwavering support for our sheriff, deputies, firefighters, 911 call center staff, and other first responders.
  • Create strategic partnerships with other jurisdictions and Prince William County.
  • Provide funds to local jurisdictions earmarked for public safety programs and personnel.
It is essential that we work with all of our neighbors and partners to handle our public safety challenges.
Mental Health
“Like other communities across the country, Prince William County must address mental health challenges.”
For too long mental health has been ignored and stigmatized. That’s why I fought for and secured $18 million for the first Crisis Receiving Center in Prince William County to address mental health challenges. We also need to bring more awareness to mental health so that our communities can understand it better, that’s why I founded the first 5K Mental Health Care Walk in Prince William and established a task force focused on Mental Health Awareness. I support policies to:
  • Fully fund mental health programs for our neighbors suffering from or at risk of developmental delays, learning disabilities, substance abuse, and mental illness.
  • Ensure adequate special education teachers are hired, which is critical to address this subject within our youth community.
  • Establish mental health awareness programs and campaigns to reduce the stigmatization of mental health.
As our population grows, our need for mental health treatment facilities, homeless shelters, family service centers, and elder and childcare facilities must also grow at an equal rate.
“Education is the key to strong communities with fulfilling lives.”
During my tenure, I re-established a partnership with the Marine Corps and Prince William County to address housing, early childhood development, and established the Northern Virginia Community College satellite center at the Marine Corps University as an extension of the Marine Corps Fidelis Park. I support policies to:
  • Ensure our teachers receive fair and equitable pay.
  • Expand our Pre-K program through our public schools so that all our children have access and are put on a path of excellence
  • Continue to make apprenticeship programs accessible through Trade Unions for those that wish to pursue a career outside of a college degree.
I will continue to work on setting our community up to succeed in any future they choose to pursue.
“Transportation is critical to our day-to-day life, and we need diverse transportation options, relief for our daily traffic congestion.”
During my administration, I worked to expand Route 1, secured $380 million for Potomac District transportation projects, and increased bussing schedules. I established the first Intergovernmental Service Agreement between the Quantico Marine Corps Base and Prince William County, securing $20 million for transportation projects. While I am proud of these accomplishments, there is still work to be done. I support policies to:
  • Make buses free for seniors to ride.
  • Extend the Metro Rail services to our county.
  • Continue to find solutions to traffic bottlenecks.
I will never stop fighting to reduce traffic congestion and ensure we have an affordable and accessible transportation system
Economic Prosperity
“As businesses continue to relocate to Northern Virginia, we must have a skilled, educated workforce available to fill their needs.”
Small businesses are the backbone of our economy and help to define what our community is, and that’s why I secured $90 million, which was spent in the Potomac District supporting our small business owners, helping them through the pandemic. However, it’s equally important that we make sure that our economy is working for our workers, that’s why I am proud to have passed Prince William County’s first Collective Bargaining Ordinance. Finally, an area that can help everyone throughout our community is investing in our infrastructure. That’s why I restored the Montclair Drainage Pipe, which boosted business revenue over 10%, and established a Stormwater Management Fund to support communities infrastructure needs throughout the entire county. I support policies to:
  • Create and fund job training programs in Prince William County focusing on entry-level positions.
  • Provide business owners counseling, access to small business grants, and other financial resources.
  • Continue to make sure that unions have a seat at the table.
I will never stop working to build a strong and prosperous economy in Prince William that works for business owners and workers while diversifying our tax base.